Hair Loss Shampoos/Scalp Condition Shampoos

The Hair Centre shampoos are blends of the best of traditional, natural ingredients together with modern cleansing and conditioning agents, the end re]sult being high quality, effective products which are totally biodegradable, gentle to the hair and skin, and kind to the environment.
The shampoos are made with natural cleansing agents, which are very gentle and will not ‘strip’ the hair of too much natural oil, a common problem when low-grade detergents are used.

The Hair Centre shampoos can be used as frequently as desired as they will improve the condition of the hair, and not dry it out as many inferior shampoos do.


Choose from the following Hair Loss Shampoos:

Shampoo with Menthol for Hair Loss
Shampoo with Aloe Vera for Dry Hair
Shampoo with Juniper Oil for Dandruff
Cade and Tea Tree Oil
Shampoo with Orange Oil for Flaky Scalps